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TRE or gadgets – is there a winner?

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn* about a 'revolutionary new product' where the user was wearing what looks like big virtual reality headsets and is exploring IRL (in real life) the beauty of nature around him – touching and smelling flowers, exploring the structure of tree trunks, taking it all in and being visibly impressed.

It is such an ironic clip and it made me think about how we sometimes discard the easy options and are looking for gadgets and technology rather than relying on ourselves.

It reminds me of advertising campaigns for all kinds of gadgets, e.g.

  • de-stress

  • sleep well

  • be calm

  • relax …

  • trackers, apps, wearables, vibrating this, brain-stimulating that, electronic pulse generators …

Just Google it, the results are endless.

But why do we need to surround ourselves with gadgets?

I bet a big majority of them end up somewhere gathering dust – as quite a few of my clients have admitted.

As funny and strange as this clip is, it also made me think how easy being in nature and connecting with the earth is for everybody to achieve – and yet, we rarely do it and then rely on recorded birdsong, 'natural' scents (many of which are indeed full of chemicals) or lights that mimic sunlight.

It also reminds me of some people's resistance to exploring TRE – rather looking for outside solutions, and not realising that they are powerful enough as our clever bodies have everything they need.

As our bodies are so clever, let's rely on them to sort out our health challenges – bye-bye aches and pains – to calm us down, to help us sleep, to energise, to give us resilience and so much more.

That's what I call “the power of a wee tremor”.

Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more about how TRE can help you to improve your vitality and experience bliss.

It really is so easy – if you know how to do it.

The beauty of TRE lies in its simplicity – it's easy but powerful!

And if this reminds you of your promising gadgets, let us know how many you've got and either use them regularly or have shovelled away somewhere out of sight.

* Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, where I post and share health content

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