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Sylvia Tillmann, TRE®
Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises 

Find out how TREmendously amazing your body is ...   

... I'll guide you safely to release tension and more.

Which physical and emotional symptoms would you like to get rid of? 

You deserve to feel so much better. 


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Hello, I am Sylvia ...

... and I truly believe that our bodies are amazing and
can help us to tackle many health challenges.  

I healed my own back and hip pain by learning and practising TRE®
(Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)
and I am now completely

Practising TRE® is natural, innate and effective, that's why
I trained as a TRE® Provider. 

I'm going to show you how you can help and heal yourself - what could be

more empowering?  


  • Tension is the cause of most pain, so there's a high chance
    that TRE® can help.
    I've worked with many people who tried 
    'everything' and whose GP said there's nothing wrong
    with them - thankfully
     - but they were still in pain


  • I am teaching, not treating.
    And that's much more empowering, because you are in control
    of your health and well-being


  • TRE® is great for people who want to pro-actively
    help and heal themselves
    rather than relying on anybody
    "to fix" them, therefore it saves time and money


  • Many people are carrying grief or trauma and this energy is stored in muscles and fascia - with TRE it can be be released. Great for anybody who doesn't want to talk about any (past) issues or traumas.

So, have a look around to find out more: check out my FAQs for a quick overview, see
what previous clients said and get in touch
for a free fact-finding session to ask all your
questions and to see
how TRE® can support you in feeling your best.  

Learn TRE. You deserve to feel so much better!

Natural. Innate. TREmendous. 


TRE Provider Sylvia teaching a client

"There is
an undiscovered gift
inside the human body
and I am just trying
to help people and say:
this gift is in you, use it,
because it's designed to help you."

David Berceli, PhD, creator of TRE®

Why I love TRE®

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