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In a nutshell

  • Up to 90% of all pain is caused by too much tension

  • When we are stressed we tense up

  • This tension can manifest as physical and/or psychological pain

  • Our bodies are tremendously amazing and you can release this tension in a natural and innate way  

  • Yes. Really.

  • Once the tension is gone, many symptoms can disappear

  • Success!

  • As a TRE Provider, I am here to guide you how to safely and successfully learn to help and heal yourself

Learn TRE-127.jpg
If you prefer more detailled explanations, please read on ...

An introduction to TRE, how amazing your body is, my own TRE story and a TRE demonstration. 

Please note, these videos are far from perfectly filmed, but I'd rather want them out and helpful for some of you while also spending more time teaching and practising TRE, rather than editing them to make them really polished. I'm sure you understand!? 

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