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A bit more background information ...
What happens when we are stressed?
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You have probably noticed this yourself: When you are stressed, you tense up. 

This tension can - over time - manifest as physical and/or emotional pain. 


Tension lies at the root of many health issues and up to 90% of health challenges are caused by stress. 

TRE® is a natural and innate solution where you can literally shake off (yes, really!) that tension and down-regulate your nervous system. 

Once the tension is gone and your nervous system is well-regulated, many symptoms can disappear.    

You might have tried 'everything'...

You might ... 

  • have seen your GP who confirmed that "everything is fine" - but you still don't
    feel good

  • feel you need to de-stress as you want to prevent burnout

  • have tried a range of stress management techniques, but haven't found 'the one'

  • be fed up popping pills to mask the pain

  • not want to hand over responsibility to somebody 'to fix' you

  • be lingering on a long waiting list to see a counsellor or physio, but want to take matters into your own hands, well body

  • want to save time and money by treating yourself

  • believe that your body has the capacity to heal yourself

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How would you like to feel? 
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  • much calmer and deeply relaxed

  • less irritable - even if you happen to be menopausal

  • less angry

  • pain-free

  • happy and in a state of good mental health 

  • experiencing better sleep

  • having better relationships, with yourself, your body, others

  • enjoying your hobbies as you feel more alive and pain-free

  • going back to your favourite sports as you can speed up your recovery

  • feeling less grief in your body

  • more resilient as your nervous system is well-regulated

What if you could help yourself? 

David Berceli, PhD, the creator of TRE® says it so nicely: 

"There is an undiscovered gift inside the human body
and I am just trying to help people and say:
this gift is in you, use it, because it's designed to help you."

As a TRE® Provider, certified by David Berceli, I am here to guide and

empower you so you will learn TRE® safely and successfully. 

Please note, TRE
® isn't a cure-all, but where tension is at the root of the issue, it's most likely you can find relief. 

Join me and my clients in wondering:
Why on earth isn't everybody shaking it off? 

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OK, how does it work?

I'd love to introduce you to TRE® and will guide you along the way as I want you to feel safe, comfortable and empowered. 

I teach TRE® mainly online, which works very well and has the added benefit that you can stay in your favourite place, i.e. don't have to go/drive home after a relaxing session. 

We meet for four sessions: 


  • In your first TRE® session, you'll learn the basics and get familiar
    with the tremoring sensation

  • In lessons two and three you'll gain more shaking confidence

  • In lesson four (after a month's break) I will observe your development and introduce interventions for you to get the most out of the process

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