It's all about YOU!

Plant Mirror Reflection

Imagine yourself in this mirror

Many people hold too much tension in their bodies and this can manifest in many forms, e.g. headaches, lower back pain, anxiety ...

If you are experiencing physical pain or mental health challenges,
TRE® might just be the solution for you!  

Maybe you've already tried 'everything' and have now come to the conclusion that it's best to take your health and well-being into your own hands - not relying on anybody 'to fix' you; not lingering on an endless waiting list.   

If you'd like to be pro-active: Get on that mat and shake it off!

My job is to teach you TRE® in a safe, relaxed and empathic manner - online or in real life - while creating and holding a safe space for you.

Your tremors will do the work!


Join my previous clients who feel the benefits and say:
TRE® is tremendous. 

And a bit about me ...

"For me, TRE® makes so 

much sense - aren't we too much in our constantly busy minds already?
Let's use our body wisdom to help us heal."

I am Sylvia, a certified TRE® Provider - having trained with Steve Haines (London), Su Thomas (South Africa) and Anya Bloom (Israel). 

When the pandemic hit I asked myself what the world really needs and re-discovered TRE® - I'm totally fascinated as it's so simple and yet so powerful and I value and treasure the relaxation I can build into my daily life, therefore nipping many health issues in the bud.

I experience the amazing benefits of practising TRE® on a regular basis and I am on a mission to get the word out ... everybody should know about TRE® - especially in our current times. 

My background is in IT and business development but now I am able to bring my real passion of alternative health into my career. 

I am also a Jikiden Reiki practitioner, have a foundation training in Counselling Skills (COSCA) and facilitate Laughter Yoga classes. 

To me, TRE® really feels like a deeply relaxing spa treatment. What's more, as an enthusiastic tennis player, I have been struggling with hip and lower back pain, so every game of tennis is now followed by a TRE® session, which releases so much tension around my hips, it is a tremendous relief.

Let's have a chat, and find out how TRE® can support your health.