Of course, I am passionate about TRE®, but don't just take my word for it. 

See what clients I have worked with and people who have been practising for years say about TRE® ...


"I was thinking of my dog,

he shakes it off … and then feels alright - and now I do the same.”


"I slept very well and very sound, totally different to my normal sleep, much deeper, more restoring."



Clients after their first TRE® session

“Wow, that was amazing. I felt tired and generally exhausted before the session and that seems to have dissipated, I'm feeling much more alert now.

I'm feeling really good."


“I had my first full night's sleep in years!
Went to bed at 10.30pm and woke up at 8.30am!"


"It was much more relaxing than I expected.

It made me more in tune with my body and it was nothing like what I had seen on YouTube.

I will definitely enrol onto a course because one session is not enough to be able to practice on my own."


Clients after a few TRE® sessions

“I felt I had let go of some tension – but feel there are tons more to let go of.

My day was very productive. I felt inspired and had ideas and followed up on them.

It may – or may not – be related, but I think TRE® contributed to this.”


"Every TRE® session is like a mini spa treatment and I feel much more relaxed afterwards.

Even my teenage kids don't irritate me anymore." 


"My back pain is so much better and I feel generally more flexible.

Oh, and I sleep so much better."



"I do yoga every morning and after a few

TRE® sessions I felt so much freer in my hips, lower back and pelvis.
I was releasing so much.

I also didn’t feel the usual sciatica type pain down my right leg and my lunges felt much more open.

Moving around is just much easier, like everything’s been oiled.

Walking feels effortless like I am being propelled from the hips.

My body feels great!"



Clients who have been practising TRE® for years

"My grief wasn't just in the mind, it was – most importantly – in the body, and I was able to shake it off."


"My back pain has almost disappeared."


"After arguments or other irritating situations, I need to get on the mat to shake it off!
Feels good!"


"Sex is so much better!"



And what about you?
How will you feel after your first 
TRE® experience? 
Get in touch to find out ...

Your body knows what to do and how to tremor --
trust it!

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