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Of course, I am passionate about TRE®, but don't just take my word for it. 

See what clients I have worked with and people who have been practising for years say about TRE® ...

Read Google reviews here.

And I said to my body.
'I want to be your friend.'
It took a long breath.
And replied,
'I have been waiting my whole life for this.'


Nayyirah Waheed

after their
TRE® session

“Wow, that was amazing.
I felt tired and generally exhausted
before the session and
that seems to have dissipated,
I'm feeling much more alert now.

I'm feeling really good."


“I had my first full night's sleep in years!
Went to bed at 10.30pm and woke up at 8.30am!"


"It was much more relaxing than I expected.

It made me more in tune with my body and it was nothing like what I had seen on YouTube.

I will definitely enrol onto a course because one session is not enough to be able to practice on my own."

"I was thinking of my dog,

he shakes it off …
and then feels alright -
and now I do the same


"I slept very well and
very sound,
totally different to my normal sleep,

much deeper, more restoring."


I felt I had let go of some tension
but feel there are tons more to let go of.

My day was very productive.
I felt inspired and had ideas and
followed up on them.

It may – or may not – be related,
but I think TRE® contributed to this.”


a few
TRE® sessions

"Every TRE® session is like
a mini spa treatment
I feel much more relaxed afterwards.

Even my teenage kids don't irritate me anymore." 


"My back pain is so much better and
feel generally more flexible.

Oh, and I sleep so much better."


"I loved it - you are great Sylvia - you explain everything so well and have a lovely caring, nature."


"Honestly - the course was amazing and I'm a 'convert' to TRE® and
I have already started spreading the word.
High praise indeed."


"I can highly recommend,
I felt thoroughly supported throughout the journey. 

All the foundations were well taught. 

Sylvia, you are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and give clear instructions.
Perfect experience for me as a first timer."


"I do yoga every morning and
after a few TRE® sessions I felt
so much freer in my hips,
lower back and pelvis.
I was releasing so much.

I also didn’t feel the usual sciatica type pain down my right leg and my lunges felt much more open.

Moving around is just much easier,
like everything’s been oiled.

Walking feels effortless like I am being propelled from the hips.

My body feels great!"


"Sylvia makes one feel comfortable in the fact that she knows her subject well.  
She expresses herself in a manner that instills confidence in the delivery of the moves required

I can fully recommend her as an excellent teacher and guide."


"Yes, I have been practising and noticing the benefits:
I feel  more relaxed and I am getting better sleep."

"Our session yesterday was really good. I went to sleep relatively early and in peace and my jaw hasn't felt as relaxed for a long time. I look forward to our next session."

who have
been practising TRE® for a while

"My grief wasn't just in the mind,
it was – predominantly – in the body,
and I was able to shake it off."


"My backpain has
completely disappeared


"Sex is so much better!"


"I used to see my physiotherapist twice a week and my chiropractor every three weeks for my backpain. 
Now, I treat myself."


"After arguments or other irritating situations,
I need to get on the mat to shake it off!
Feels good!"


"I used a fascia roller in the past, which was often painful.
With TRE® I get better results and it's much more enjoyable. Success!"


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