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What if you could 'just' shake off tension and feel so much better?
Well, you can! 

Hello, I am Sylvia and I love, practise and teach TRE® -
Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises.

Join me to discover 'the power of a wee shake'.

I've guided countless clients to safely and successfully shake off*
tension - with TREmendous results.  

You deserve to feel so much better.                                 *yes, really!

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Hello, I am Sylvia ...

... and I truly believe that our bodies are amazing and
can help us to tackle many health challenges.  

I healed my own back and hip pain by learning and practising TRE®
(Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)
and I am now completely

Practising TRE® is natural, innate and effective, that's why
I trained as a TRE® Provider. 

I'm going to show you how you can help and heal yourself - what could be

more empowering?  


  • Tension is the cause of most pain, so there's a high chance
    that TRE® can help.
    I've worked with many people who tried 
    'everything' and whose GP said there's nothing wrong
    with them - thankfully
     - but they were still in pain


  • I am teaching, not treating.
    And that's much more empowering, because you are in control
    of your health and well-being


  • TRE® is great for people who want to pro-actively
    help and heal themselves
    rather than relying on anybody
    "to fix" them, therefore it saves time and money


  • Many people are carrying grief or trauma and this energy is stored in muscles and fascia - with TRE it can be be released. Great for anybody who doesn't want to talk about any (past) issues or traumas.

So, have a look around to find out more: check out my FAQs for a quick overview, see
what previous clients said and get in touch
for a free fact-finding session to ask all your
questions and to see
how TRE® can support you in feeling your best.  

Learn TRE. You deserve to feel so much better!

Natural. Innate. TREmendous. 


TRE Provider Sylvia teaching a client

"There is
an undiscovered gift
inside the human body
and I am just trying
to help people and say:
this gift is in you, use it,
because it's designed to help you."

David Berceli, PhD, creator of TRE®

Why I love TRE®

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