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Discover how easily accessible TRE is 📢

It really is.

You can practise anywhere.

Recently I was working with a client, let's call her Babette.

She was interested in TRE as she has a demanding job in research, two children with loads of activities to manage and a husband who's often away because of work commitments.

TRE is so accessible... by Sylvia

Babette felt that she didn't have time to look after herself.

At least she got some exercise by cycling more or less everywhere.

But the long hours in front of the computer made her shoulder and back pain worse.

When learning TRE with me, the first session takes about 45 minutes to an hour:

  • intro

  • questions

  • the six warm-up exercises

  • grounding meditation

  • the actual TRE sequence

  • integration time

  • feedback and

  • possibly more questions

Babette only tremored for about a minute and was seriously wondering if that was worth all the effort and – most importantly – her time.

But she felt super-relaxed and as she said 'on top of the world' after her first session.

Session two was slightly shorter as Babette knew what to expect.

In session three I suggested skipping the warm-up exercises (which saves about 10 - 15 minutes).

So after a grounding meditation, Babette tremored for about three minutes and had another few minutes of integration time - which she described as 'bliss' - and was then wondering:

"Do I now need to get up again?"

“Well, if you want to”, I said, that's why I'm offering early evening sessions so that my clients can just chill out after a relaxing session – and if it's online, don't even need to drive/go home.

Babette then commented:

“Wow, I wasn't aware that TRE is so accessible.”

Yes, it is.

In just a few minutes you can feel like a new person.

Deeply relaxed, calmer and you might even notice that your aches and pains have eased.

Many clients get a fabulously good night's sleep, too.

What's not to like?

By the way, TRE is so accessible, that you don't even need to get on your mat.

You can practise TRE:

  • in your bed:

    • just before falling asleep

    • if you wake up and can't get back to sleep or

    • first thing in the morning

  • sitting on a chair:

    • at your desk

    • in a meeting

    • at the cinema/theatre/concert

  • on the bus, the train or on a plane

  • and I know a few people who tremor

    • in the garden or park

    • on the beach

    • in the gym

    • after their yoga class

Just a few minutes and I bet you'll feel a big difference.

Want to give TRE a try and put yourself and your health and well-being first?

I invite you to get in touch so we can get together for a chat.

Natural. Innate. TREmendous.

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