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How heavy is this glass of water? 📢

It might be a random question, but I've just seen this clip and it reminded me of TRE.

Hence, I want to share it with you.

How heavy is this glass of waterby Sylvia

When I trained in Jikiden Reiki I learned: “The longer a health issue persists, the longer it takes to dissolve it. It generally disappears much faster when it's acute, rather than chronic.”

This isn't necessarily the case with TRE in my experience.

I've worked with clients who've had tension headaches or back pain for ages, who were teeth grinding for years – and they noticed a big difference after just one session.

Watch this clip and always remember: "The stresses and the worries of life are like this glass of water ... Put the glass down"

In my world of TRE, "Put the glass down" translates to:

Shake it off!

And I invite you to get in touch if you'd like to find out how you can learn to do so safely and effectively.

I'm here for you and want you to know how TREmendously amazing your body is.

Natural. Innate. TREmendous.

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