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No pain, no gain. Really???

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Let me tell you about Marie (not her real name), one of my first clients:

Marie: "I'm in my 50s, work as a goldsmith and as I'm quite often hunched over my work bench, I'm struggling with back pain. I was recommended exercising with a fascia roller, but it's just so painful."

Third TRE warm-up exercise, the chair.

Me: I've heard that before, fascia foam rollers can relieve tension and muscle soreness, but it can be really painful and some people even get bruises.

I strongly believe that we don't need external gadgets to release tension as we have it all within us.

Our bodies are so clever, they know how to release tension and therefore aches and pains that are based on too much tension we are holding in the body.

And exercising should never be painful.

What our bodies do beautifully is to literally shake off that tension. This might sound strange but it's a very innate process.

Our bodies are genetically encoded to get rid of tension by shaking it off.

We still do it in extreme circumstances when our brain doesn't override this bodily reaction by saying 'don't be silly, pull yourself together!'.

Anyway, back to the shaking.

When shaking in TRE – also called neurogenic tremoring – our body gets a chance to release all that tension.

Aches and pains can dissipate or can be nipped in the bud.

The best thing? It feels very relaxing and 'strangely pleasurable' as one client once described it.

Definitely NOT painful!

Do you want to find out what TRE can do for you? Get in touch for a fact-finding chat and find out how TRE can support you in feeling your best.

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