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Your Health - This is My Wish for You …

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

A few weeks ago I attended a TRE training.

Needless to say, I loved it.

  • Not just all the training on muscles, fascia, how and where the body stores trauma and how to encourage the body to do its thing ...

  • Not just the amazing trainer and connecting with some inspiring TRE colleagues ...

  • Not just the practical exercises, i.e. shaking myself on both days ...

It was just TREmendous to spend the whole weekend in the company of like-minded people who were all singing from the same hymn sheet.

  • We see it as our mission to help people to heal and help themselves, i.e. rather than building a dependency, we empower our clients

  • There was a general consent that natural healing approaches have sooooooo much to offer, have such a long history and don't have nasty side-effects

  • Yes, we charge for our services, but – as before – it's not a never-ending contract to treat you indefinitely, but an act of empowerment. As I always say, by learning TRE you'll gain a tool for life and this can save you time and money

  • We also agreed that it's such a privilege to guide clients through their tremoring journey and witness their transformation, see the deep relaxation in their faces and get feedback on things in their lives that have shifted or healed

  • We also wondered why TRE is still so niche and how we can reach more people to let them know that TRE exists – TRE is, like everything else, not for everybody, but I feel that everyone should at least know about it

  • Last but not least we shared many successful healing outcomes – as diverse as, e.g. - successful conceptions - recovery after (traumatic) births - mitigating migraines - getting rid of back pain - better s*x (I don't want this e-mail to be censored!) lives - resolving emotional eating - better body awareness - gaining more calm and resilience - burnout prevention at the eleventh hour - recovery after sports injuries - better relationships with self and others … ... the list can be endless because a well-regulated nervous system can have an array of benefits

Yes, I'm down from cloud 9 after such an educational and inspirational CPD event – and I continue supporting my clients by helping them to discover and realise how amazing their bodies are and how to help and heal themselves …

Can't wait for the next steps on this journey and maybe we'll be working together next? What would you like to resolve?

This is my wish for you – that you'll discover a health and well-being practice that can help you to find equilibrium again and then experience the knock-on effects …

You deserve to feel so much better.

If you'd like to explore if TRE is right for you, I'm here for you, simply send me a message or let's have a chat

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