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An ode to David Berceli, PhD

As you might know, David is the creator of TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises). A TRE Provider colleague of mine, Barbro Anderson from Norway, did a cool experiment when she asked AI to write a poem, here it is:

In the realm of tension and stress, Where the body tightens, under duress, There lies a method, gentle and profound, A healing journey, where peace is found. David Berceli, a name revered, A path to tranquility, he has cleared. With insight deep and compassion wide, He guides us through the turbulent tide. TRE-exercises, a gift to the world, Where the flag of relief is unfurled. Through shaking and tremors, freedom takes flight, In the body's wisdom, we find our light.

A dance of release, from head to toe,

Where the rivers of tension cease to flow.

Muscles unclench, and breaths run deep,

In this sacred space, our fears weep.

This method, a bridge, so unique, Speaks to the strong and comforts the weak. It whispers of balance, harmony, and ease, In its embrace, the restless find peace. Berceli's vision, so bold and bright, Illuminates the shadows of the night. A beacon of hope, in times of despair, A testament to his unwavering care. So here's to TRE, a journey to heal, A testament to the strength we all feel. In every tremor, a story untold, A pathway to peace, forever bold. Thank you, David Berceli, for the gift you've given, For teaching us how to be gently driven. To shake free the chains of our past, And find a freedom that will forever last.

And as David himself says:

"There is an undiscovered gift inside the human body

and I am just trying to help people and say:

this gift is in you, use it, because it's designed to help you."

I'm here to help you find your gift - if you'd like to find out more, let's have a chat.

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