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Is TRE relaxing or energising?

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

That's a very good question – and the answer is: it depends.

It really depends on the the individual, their circumstances, how their day's been and it can vary from session to session.

While many of my clients feel super relaxed after a session – after all their nervous system has been down-regulated – some feel energised.

Some feel initially very relaxed, even tired, but after a while they feel motivated and e.g. ready to tackle a task they'd postponed for ages.

TRE helps us to release tension and stress we hold and this can help to feel more relaxed, calm and more centred.

I will always remember my client, let's call her Inga.

She came to one of my first in-person classes and every time she almost dragged herself into the space as she was so tired.

Inga had a stressful job, a challenging work environment and quite often shared during the introductions that she was tempted to just go home, have some food, maybe watch some TV or go straight to bed – but she turned up at every session.

And Inga's reaction afterwards?

She was so grateful that she had made the effort and turned up and she shared after every session that she felt so much better, much more relaxed and even more optimistic about the next day and her future in general.

While this – as always – isn't a promise in any shape or form, I want to share different client experiences and feedback.

So, some participants feel super relaxed after a TRE session and just want to retire to their sofa with a good book or even to bed – great after online sessions when one doesn't have to walk or drive home.

Some participants feel much fresher or more motivated to do whatever needs doing. This can be because we not only release tension, but can also release stuck energy.

As we are all unique, it's really a matter of trying to see what works for you – some people regularly have a shaking session in the morning to get ready, relaxed and motivated for the day ahead, others enjoy their practice at night to calm down, deeply relax and get ready for a good night's sleep.

By practising TRE we want to regulate the nervous system, find more balance and well-being and this can occur in different forms – relaxed, energised or something in between.

Curious to find out more? Please get in touch for a free fact-finding chat.

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