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That makes me cringe ...

I'll never forget when Bessel van der Kolk – the author of the best-seller The Body Keeps the Score – said in a lecture:

"Nobody ever talked you into anxiety, why are you expecting to talk yourself out of it?"

It makes sense, doesn't it? That's one reason why I love working with the body so much.

Like many people my default had always been cognitive therapies: talking, analysing, trying to make sense of it all – it just didn't help me.

I even started training as a counsellor, but left after the foundation modules.

Training in TRE was a real eye-opener for me.

It's TREmendously amazing to realise, experience and witness how clever our bodies are.

That's why I cringe when I see programmes that promise to heal anxiety by reflecting on it, talking about it and discussing it with others.

How can we talk ourselves out of anxiety?

What about the body?

If you – like me – have tried the cognitive approach and didn't get the desired results, maybe it's time to check out TRE …

Here are my arguments for TRE:

  • your body is so much cleverer than you might give it credit for – it stores emotions, anxiety, grief and trauma in muscles and fascia … and you can release all that

  • you don't need to re-visit or analyse any past situations

  • in fact, you don't need to talk at all as the body does the work

  • you can give your constantly busy mind a rest – and this is very relaxing

  • once learned safely, TRE is your tool for life which can save you time and money

  • no need to pop pills which might have nasty side effects

  • TRE is empowering, so rather than handing over responsibility to an 'expert', you can help yourself

If this resonates with you, let's have a fact-finding chat to see if TRE can meet your expectations …

You deserve to feel so much better!

Natural. Innate. TREmendous.

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