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Your GP confirms you are OK – but you are still in pain.

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

And now?

Read on to find out what you can do ...

Here is a TREmendous idea ...

We are experiencing unusual times, a global pandemic followed by a war in Europe – it's no surprise that anxiety levels have shot up and many people complain about psychosomatic pain. Are you part of that group? If you've been to your GP, who has checked you from top to bottom and confirmed that there's nothing wrong with you – how frustrating is it if you are still in pain? So many aches and pains – and that includes anxiety and irritability – are stress-related. In fact, almost 90% of all medical complaints can be tracked down to stress. Take a minute to scan your body – do you notice areas of tension? Maybe in your jaw because you are clenching your teeth? Or in your shoulders? What about your (lower) back? Tension stored in the body can manifest as physical aches and pains as well as sleep difficulties, gastrointestinal issues or even mental health challenges. How can we get rid of that tension and truly relax our bodies? Easy – if you know how to do it! Well, your body most certainly knows it already. But your mind is probably stopping your body from doing so. What am I talking about? I'm talking about “a good old shake”. Really? Really! When we are stressed, we tense up. What our bodies would like to do is to – literally – shake off that stress. But we don't. We've been socialised out of it. Shaking is a sign of weakness, helplessness, illness … right? Think again. Shaking can really be so good for us. And we can do that in the privacy of our own homes, both preventatively and retrospectively. Welcome to the world of TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) – a set of six warm-up exercises followed by the actual tremoring process. So, what can practising TRE® do for you? It helps the body to get rid of tension, stress and even trauma that's held in the body. TRE® enables us to activate a tremoring mechanism, which might sound strange, but don't let your cognitive mind dismiss it, as shaking is our natural reaction to stress. So it's a very innate process. In TRE® we are working with the body, which can be very helpful as the body remembers much better than the brain and many worries can manifest as physical illness. The beauty of TRE® is that we don't need to verbalise, discuss or analyse any worries or past events as the body does that work, which many people appreciate. Another big advantage of TRE® is that it is a self-help tool, so once learned, it's your tool for life and you can pro-actively take your health and well-being into your own hands, well body, nipping many issues in the bud – without relying on anybody else “to fix” you, which will also save you money. If this resonates with you, give it a try. You might then join me in wondering: “Why on earth is not everybody shaking it off?” If this resonates with you or intrigues you, simply get in touch with your thoughts and questions.

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