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Are New Year's resolutions worth making?

Of course, it's a personal choice. If you like goal-setting and want motivation, go for it, if you are not sure, try listening to your gut feeling.

Alternatively, of course, you might encounter something TREmendously amazing and never ever need a New Year's resolution again. Ever. 

Take my client Anne (not her real name) – like many people she was sceptical at first, but after her first session she was amazed:

  • how her body reacted, i.e. the actual shaking 

  • how calm and relaxed she felt

  • and most importantly: that she was able to achieve all that herself, after just a few minutes of shaking

Anne shared with me after a week or so with a cheeky grin, that she's now addicted.

“I'm not surprised!” I said.

I hear that from my clients a lot.

A beneficial, healthy addiction to have.

What are we addicted to?

  • the post-spa treatment feeling that we can bring about ourselves

  • the calmness we achieve alongside a much more relaxed attitude

  • noticing that many aches and pains dissipate 

  • achieving a good night's sleep after a session

On top of that, many people who feel anxious, irritable or angry notice that they are coping in a much better way.

As always – these examples are simply based on client feedback, they are not a promise.

All that TRE does is to:

  • release tension held in your body and

  • down-regulate the nervous system

Anything else are positive 'side effects' that can occur as a result of it. Last but not least, realising that 'You can do it yourself', which means saving time and money is … priceless!

Anyway, if this all resonates with you and you'd like to try a New Year's resolution that's easy – and rewarding – to stick to, please get in touch and I'm more than happy to answer all your questions.

You deserve to feel so much better.

Natural. Innate. TREmendous.

For now, I wish you a TREmendously amazing, joyful, happy, healthy, peaceful and [insert your own wish/es] 2024.

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