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Only strong women* will open this post

*and some strong men also, of course! .

Welcome on the other side

It looks like you'd describe yourself as a strong woman or man, is that right?

  • You might have a demanding job with loads of responsibilities

  • You might be organising not just your own life, but also that of your partner, your children and your elderly parents

  • You might be struggling to say 'no'

But – admittedly – you might also feel very close to breaking point, maybe even burnout.

Because there's no time left in the day to look after your own needs, your own health and well-being.

Hence, you are always losing out.

Does this sound familiar?

Even if it sounds just a wee bit familiar – there's light at the end of the stress-tunnel.

Not sure if stress-tunnel is a word, but I'm sure you know exactly what I mean, right? Being stuck in a rut, doing all the chores and looking after everybody else, but you.

So, let me introduce you to a possible solution.

How does it sound if I told you that …

  • You only need a few minutes 

  • This can feel like that post spa-treatment feeling – where you are so relaxed that the most difficult bit is to face the real world again

  • It can feel like your whole face relaxes – like after a facial

  • You could experience that your back pain eases

  • You could notice that your nervous tummy doesn't grumble anymore

  • You could feel less anxious, irritated or angry

  • You could become aware that you are growing in resilience and your relationships with yourself and others improve

Yes, you can achieve these effects at any time during your busy day, just like my client Sarah

  • Maybe in the morning to energise you

  • Or just before bed to calm you down for a good night's sleep

It's in your hands, well, in your whole body. Carving out these few minutes for yourself while you can gain so much healing and relaxation. So you can be there for everybody else. Or you realise that you don't have to always be there for everybody, but prioritise yourself a bit more often. In my next blog post, I'll invite you to check out a wee quiz exercise to become aware how often you say yes to things you don't really want to say yes to. See you then, unless you want a chat before then. I'm here for you and to show you how to get from the dark place of almost breaking down to the lightness and joy of self-care.

You deserve to feel so much better.

Natural. Innate. TREmendous.

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