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Don't just take my word for it …

OK, I admit it, I'm biased:

I truly believe that TRE is tremendous because:

  • I've experienced it myself –> back pain gone

  • Hear it from my clients on a regular basis

  • Tremoring in order to release tension and more (!) while down-regulating the nervous system is the most innate body reaction

You might also have read the testimonials on my website and on Google … but I now have such a tremendous testimonial by a journalist I had introduced to TRE.

You can read the full article on Women's Health magazine and the most important bit is the last part when Bethan describes: 'I tried TRE therapy - here's what happened'

"Initially, I was sceptical of whether I’d even be able to make myself tremor, let alone feel different afterwards. Yet I was intrigued too - I sometimes get backache and although I’m not severely stressed, I’m often frazzled by deadlines and life in general. If a simple exercise could help dissipate that, then great. TRE appealed too because it doesn’t involve any gadgets or in-person classes. Once I’d learned the technique, I could do it at home in minutes.

On Zoom with Tillmann, we worked through the warm-up exercises for 20 minutes then, ready to TRE, I came into the butterfly position.

In this position, I found it harder than I anticipated to bring my knees together as instructed. When my knees were almost touching, I eventually felt a barely-perceptible shake. Holding that position, my leg muscles started trembling more deeply. Leaning into that felt a bit strange - I had to fight the urge to stop myself shaking.

After a couple of minutes, Tillmann suggested I stop tremoring and notice how I felt. We tried the same sequence again, moving through the butterfly position until I felt a tremour.

Afterwards, on my yoga mat, I was surprised how calm and slightly drowsy I felt. I also wasn’t prepared for how warm and relaxed my jaw felt – as though I’d had a deep facial massage. Tillmann suggested I likely held tension in that area, and I realised I find myself clenching my jaw without realising - and I’d manage to release it without noticing, too. It felt amazing to ease that ache and afterwards it helped me make a conscious effort to stop the clenching.

I’ve tried TRE by myself every other day since and experienced the exact same relaxed sensation in my jaw, not to mention feeling more-clear headed afterwards. I’m working towards tremoring for longer because I’ve definitely noticed a palpable tension release from the shaking – it’s surprisingly addictive and easy. It seems shaking really is something most of us could benefit from - who knew?"

So, if you'd like to discover this tremendous gift inside your own body – you know where to find me and I'm more than happy to empower you for your own health and healing process.

You deserve to feel so much better!

Natural. Innate. TREmendous. PS Please note that TRE is NOT therapy the headline of the article suggests, it's self-help, it's empowering, it's a modality ...

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