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How I calmed myself down and stopped worrying

I clearly remember a client of mine who told me that she was awfully worried about an international bank transfer and if she had used the correct account number.

Her mind was going round in circles and she couldn't concentrate on anything else, but the worry of 'what if I sent it to the wrong account?'

She told herself all morning to stop worrying and to calm down.

No change.

Then she had the TREmendous idea of practising TRE - and she did.

She told me that she was calm and absolutely fine about that situation for the rest of the day and evening and she also enjoyed a really good night's sleep – and found out the following morning that everything went through correctly.

Well, there are a few important learning points.

  • First of all, it's a proven fact that the majority of worries are absolutely unnecessary

  • But telling your logical mind to stop worrying doesn't necessarily have the desired effect

  • Secondly – having a tool like TRE in your toolbox can really help you calm down an overactive nervous system and bring you peace of mind – and that in a few minutes!

As the saying goes:

“Nobody talked you into your worries, anxiety, low mood … why do you expect to talk yourself out of it?”

Well, sometimes even I need a reminder!

Last week a very dear friend messaged me to say that a proper catch-up is overdue and she also wants to tell me how she is doing. She mentioned that she didn't want to tell me the other day when we met briefly with other friends.

My alarm bells went off and I replied: “Do I need to worry about you?”

“No,” she said, “it'll be fine!”

Of course, she would say that.

I was so worried, several scenarios came up, a serious illness, her husband having an affair, one of her young kids being very ill – and my mind went round and round in circles.

All morning I couldn't concentrate on anything as I was so worried and all these scenarios and situations came up – keeping my brain badly (!) entertained.

And our catch-up phone call was only in the afternoon.

Eventually, I got my act together and remembered to do myself what I'm always preaching.

It was about time!

And I went on the mat for a three-minute TRE session.

And afterwards? I was totally calm and my mind wasn't playing up anymore. The next few hours until the phone call were fine.

The good news is that she's 'only' got a nasty bug and is on super strong antibiotics (it's awful enough and it makes her nauseous and headache-y) – but it's not life-threatening and I was able to suggest a few things to build up her good gut bacteria again.

So, the big learning here is:

Stop overthinking, get moving and practise TRE is my heartfelt recommendation to all of you.

The mind-body connection is real and TRE can be so helpful for mental challenges, too as … you've heard it before … The Body Keeps the Score.

And before you ask … yes, it's possible that TRE can bring relief for gastrointestinal issues, too, because many of them are due to too much stress.

But I'll leave that for another time – but if you don't want to wait, simply book a fact-finding chat so we can assess if TRE can help you feel your best self.

You deserve to feel so much better.

Natural. Innate. TREmendous.

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