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Presents – only for the kids, right?

Thankfully we've got this rule in our family. I'm grateful for that as I find it really tricky to find appropriate gifts – is it just me?

Honestly, I really don't have any wishes, either. Definitely nothing that clutters up my flat; on the contrary, I want to get rid of things that used to bring me joy, but that I don't use anymore. But that's another topic. Check out Marie Kondo's work if you haven't already. So what do I want?

First and foremost all the things money can't buy anyway, such as good health, happiness, contentment, fulfilling relationships and so on.

And anything that is non-tangible, something that values personal development, self-improvement and growth.

Such as an exciting training, workshop or an inspiring book. Experiences with family and friends – you know, all these memory-making moments.

All this can have a profound impact on personal growth and can lead to overall happiness, contentment and fulfilment. What about you?

Are you more the 'I want/need/desire the £2,000 designer bag and the diamond necklace/prestigious watch' kind of person?

Or are you valuing the immaterial 'things' much more?

  • Contentment

  • Deep relaxation

  • Better relationships/better s6x

  • Being pain-free

  • Overcoming sports injuries much faster

  • Being more relaxed, less irritable, less angry, less anxious

… the list goes on. So, if you are in the second group or want it all, get in touch if you'd like a gift voucher – for yourself or a loved one. You – and they – deserve to feel so much better.

Natural. Innate. TREmendous. Wishing you a very merry Christmas, a wonderfully relaxing holiday season and a TREmendous 2024!

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