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Stories – yours and mine

Updated: Feb 12

I genuinely believe that working with you is all about YOU, rather than me.

Because I want you to explore how amazing your body is and how you can help yourself.

Fair enough?

Well, I also believe that you might want to get to know me as a person – I'm always keen to find out more about somebody before I book a course with them - or is it just me?

So, here it goes:

  • I'm Sylvia (that you know already)

  • In my (almost) late-ish 50s (how did that happen?)

  • Originally from Germany – I fell in love with Britain during my work experience in Luton, Beds right after school

  • After returning to Germany I was very homesick as I missed 'my beloved England' soooooo much

  • Every time I wasn't happy with my life I was asking myself: “What am I still doing in Germany?”

  • In 2001 I eventually (!) made a decision – I left a well-paid IT job and my fiancé in Munich and went to Edinburgh to discover if that's where I want to be (not exactly 'my beloved England' – did you notice that?)

  • I enjoyed a fantastic sabbatical, then managed and developed a few small businesses and a charity

  • I loved my time in EDI, but after a big birthday I re-assessed my life and decided it was time to go back to Germany

  • Well, after enjoying myself too much on my two-month journey to the ferry, I never even arrived there!

  • I was only half joking when I said I might find a nice seaside town and stay

  • And so I did – I'm now in Ramsgate, East Kent

  • When the pandemic hit, I reorganised my career and you can read more here

  • I now bring everything I learned over the years together and offer: Jikiden Reiki treatments, Laughter Yoga sessions, Nutrition according to the Five Elements in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and – my absolute favourite: TRE

  • Teaching TRE and witnessing how impressed my clients are with their own bodies is priceless and makes me happy and my job very rewarding

  • Apart from that I am mildly addicted to playing tennis (TRE is great after a game to get the tension out of my lower back)

  • I've also just started playing the violin again - I love classical music

  • Recently I started an art class and jokingly refer to myself as an emerging artist ;-)

  • London is only a train journey away and I go there for my monthly culture fix

  • I mainly read non-fiction books about different approaches to health – I think that might be a topic for another newsletter

  • As my sister and her family live in France and my mum and 'old' friends are in Germany – I go there often

  • I work remotely, I love what I do, I'm currently happily single and I am flexible  

That's it in a nutshell – when we work together, I really want it to be about YOU, rather than me.

Having said that, the beauty of TRE is that we don't have to verbalise or analyse any (past/traumatic) issues,

many of my clients appreciate that.

Like many people, my go-to was talking therapies and I have a foundation training in counselling because I wanted to train as a bereavement counsellor.

Now I absolutely prefer the somatic approach as the body is so much cleverer than we give it credit for.

Anyway, back to you.

You are more than welcome to share something about yourself by commenting below or by getting in touch with me.

If you can't think of anything, some prompts will follow below and I wonder if you recognise yourself in any of the following statements?

If so, I invite you to have a chat so you can find out how TRE could help you.

Like many TRE lovers, you might never look back.

So, here it goes ...

  • You might be suffering from aches and pains, e.g. back, shoulder, neck, head, teeth grinding, gastrointestinal issues, (sports) injuries …

  • You might have been checked by your doctor, who confirmed that all's OK

  • Or you might have been told it [the pain] is all in your head

  • Or you might have been diagnosed with a MUS (Medically Unexplained Symptom)

  • You might already have tried 'everything'

  • You might be fed up popping pills to mask the pain

  • You might have acquired a range of health gadgets that promised the world, but that are now gathering dust

  • You might notice that your pain changes with your stress levels

  • You might be struggling with anxiety, (menopausal) irritability or anger

  • You might have tried talking therapies but didn't like it/didn't see results

  • Or you simply don't want to talk about past issues

  • You might be coping with grief or disappointment from loss or other life challenges 

  • You might be struggling with food and/or weight - keep in mind that it's not 'just' about dieting, the nervous system needs to be included, too

  • You might want to become more resilient

  • You might want to improve your sleep

  • You might want to speed up any (sports) injury recovery

  • You might want to really feel and connect with your body

  • You might want to feel more 'oiled' and flexible

  • You might want better relationships – with yourself, your body, other people

  • You might want to have better sex

  • You might want to take ownership of your health and well-being – rather than relying on somebody else

  • You might want to proactively help and heal yourself

  • You might want to be empowered and do it yourself

  • You might want to save time – by not going to appointments, sitting in the waiting room, getting home afterwards 

  • You might want to save money – pay once, use it for life

  • You might be curious and intrigued to experience TRE - and how it'll make you feel

  • You might want to be more dog - there's so much we can learn from dogs!

This list isn't extensive at all and you might have something that's bothering you that we could add to the list.

Let's have a chat so I can give you my realistic assessment if TRE can help.

All TRE does is:

  • it releases tension from the body  

  • it down-regulates the nervous system

As soon as that's sorted, the knock-on effects can be amazing and I see it in myself and my clients all the time.

As always, though, I am not promising anything at all, these statements are simply some reasons why clients are learning TRE and you can find some client feedback here.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's have a chat.

You deserve to feel so much better. Natural. Innate. TREmendous.

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