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Is TRE for everybody?

One of my TRE Provider colleagues says that TRE is for anybody who's heart is still beating.

And she is right.

But – and this is my experience – I see that TRE is most beneficial for people who want to proactively help and heal themselves.

  • They might have tried a number of things that didn't work for them (as I did) or

  • they don't want to spend all that money on getting treatments or

  • they believe that our bodies are so clever that we have everything we need in order to treat ourselves.

Without making it sound too simplistic, I want to stress that TRE is great for releasing tension we are holding in our body.

And as a huge number of health complaints are based on too much tension in the body, there's a great chance that we can tackle these issues successfully by practising TRE.

So if you, e.g.

  • don't want to mask your regular tension headaches or migraines with pills

  • want to be in control of your health and well-being and believe in your body's abilities

  • want to have a faster sports recovery

  • want to experience deep relaxation and better relationships (with self, body, others)

  • want to save time on money, i.e. by treating yourself, rather than being treated

I invite you to look into TRE

as it can help and heal many health issues that are based on too much tension in the body (and up to 90% of health issues are based on too much tension!).

Simply book a fact-finding chat with me and find out how amazing your body is!

You deserve to feel so much better.

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